About Us

Hi and welcome to our Blog!

We are Vero and Li, a travel couple and creators with a big focus on food. Together, we have already traveled to more than 50 countries, and we don’t plan on stopping. Vero is originally from Germany but “moved” to Spain about four years ago, while Li was born in China but grew up in Spain. In September 2023, we finally bought our “home on wheels,” with which we will be moving through Europe (so far). However, we are still planning trips to destinations “backpacker style.”ย With this blog, we aim to inspire people to discover new destinations and its local food, help them planning their trips and give useful information.

Why Feeding Foca?ย 

Foca is Vero’s (my) nickname. Well, Li created it. It is a long story, how he came up with the name, but the most important fact is that I am fine with it ๐Ÿ˜. Li loves cooking. This is also the reason why Li convinced me to go on our first date. He made Sancocho – a traditional Colombian chicken soup with lots of veggies. And I can tell you something, he really knows how to cook. This is where everything started back in 2019, in Brazil. Since then, he is in charge of finding the best restaurants, cooking the most amazing meals (even in our camper), and taking care that I always have enough to eat. I know… Best Life Ever ๐Ÿงก – we also call it Foca Life ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Why did we start with Youtube Video and this Blog?

This is a longer story, so we need to start in 2019. After coming back from Brazil, both of us just finished University. So, theoretically we were completely free, but we had spent our money in Brazil and in the travels through Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Plus it was 2020 and Covid was still very present. Li’s idea was to come and look for a job in Germany. But imagine that – after only one week of strong rain, he decided to apply for a job in Barcelona (Li was born in China, but grew up in Spain) ๐Ÿ˜…. Due to Covid, all of the offices in Barcelona were closed and people could work from anywhere within Spain. This is how we ended up in – TENERIFE.ย 

I managed to get a Job as well. After almost two years of a carefree life in Tenerife, the island was getting too small for us and the “normal” office life started again. But neither of us wanted to actually move to Barcelona and go to the office. Therefore, Li started a course in software development and Freelancing and I got a job in a fully remote company. We shipped our car back to the mainland of Spain and this is when we started to live like Digital Nomads. First, we stayed in Airbnbs for several months, then for only one month, then sometimes just two weeks. Basically, we were homeless. And we loved it. We converted our car into a mini camper and did several road trips, where we were sleeping in the camper during the weekends and rented apartments during the week for work. It was a crazy time.

At one point, it became clear to us. What makes us happy in the world are not expensive clothes or fancy restaurants. What makes us happy is to travel while spending the same amount of money that we would do back home and, of course, trying tons of different, delicious food. Lots of people have approached us and asked why we are not sharing our experiences anywhere and we were pretty skeptical. Until we decided that we can really help people to see the world in a different way, to plan their own trips, to try the local food from the restaurant around the corner and to just experience the world.

This is how we decided to try out creating Youtube Videos and to start this Blog. We are working hard on growing our project and would love to make this our Full-time job.

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